Woj: John Wall almost impossible to trade

ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski spoke out about the prospect of the Rockets trading John Wall. He claimed that it would be “almost impossible” for them to get it done without attaching assets that they’d rather keep. “I think trading John Wall, with two years left and over $90 million is almost impossible unless the Rockets, all of a sudden decide that they’re willing to attach a number of first round picks and I don’t see that scenario. I think he’s going to be in Houston a while unless he’s willing to take money and agree to a buyout, but he doesn’t want to do that right now.”

Source: R.P. Salao @ Clutch Points

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Per reports, Houston Rockets guard John Wall has requested a trade from the organization.
@jumpshot8 tells @darthamin why Wall won’t be moved until he proves he can still play. pic.twitter.com/fsH5Ub9N478:24 PM

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I’m hopping into the NFT Wave! What are some projects I should look into? – 7:50 PM

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly with John Wall.
The Good:
He averaged the same number of drives per game and finished at the same rate last year as both Jimmy Butler and Donovan Mitchell. – 12:58 PM

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The John Wall situation in Houston and the challenges that the Rockets face. instagram.com/tv/CT19SGfFF2s…10:46 AM

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Sources said the original plan was for the Rockets to keep Wall around and revisit the situation in a year’s time. Wall is liked in Houston, something that has been spoken about publicly and behind closed doors. During the 2020-21 season, Wall served as a valuable ally to Silas, almost serving as an assistant coach of sorts to the first-year head coach. The two were in constant communication about everything concerning the team, from culture and environment to X’s and O’s. -via The Athletic / September 16, 2021

If a team does trade for Wall, it will likely be as part of a salary dump with plans to waive him afterward. One team that makes sense is the Oklahoma City Thunder who are currently over the cap but have the ability to generate north of $32 million in cap space. They would just need to send back the difference between Wall’s salary and their cap space amount to absorb him. For example, they could send back Derrick Favors ($9.7 million) and another player earning $2 million for Wall. -via HoopsHype / September 14, 2021

John Wall is due $91.7 million over the next two seasons, including a player option for $47.4 million in 2022-23, a contract that makes attempting to trade him extremely difficult. Sources said the Rockets do not want to give up first-round draft compensation in a Wall trade and would not have interest in discussing a buyout until possibly after free agency next summer. -via ESPN / September 14, 2021