Which of the six new NFL uniforms reign supreme? We rank them, you vote

It’s a rule for 2020: If you change your uniforms you will get ripped on social media. Unless you go with a throwback.

Six NFL teams underwent uniform changes this offseason. Some actually weren’t that bad. Others were compared to Best Buy employee uniforms.

With the Los Angeles Rams’ uniform reveal on Wednesday, we should be all done with the new uniforms and the reactions to them. The Indianapolis Colts also had a uniform change, but we didn’t include them because it was just a small adjustment to a classic (which is the smart way to go).

So it’s time to judge who did the best makeover of the offseason, with a poll at the end.

Why couldn’t the Falcons just have gone with the Deion Sanders-era threads and called it a day? Who would have been against that? The Falcons kept the 1990s look as their alternate uniform, and that’s simply better than the new ones.

The gradient look, the red pants … we’ll pass.

5. Los Angeles Rams

This might be the most divisive of the new uniforms.

They’re bright. The helmets do look good. The uniforms, with the unusual font … eh, your mileage may vary. Wouldn’t they have just been better off going with the 1999 Kurt Warner model?

The off-white road uniforms are really where you have to pick a side.

The Patriots made a change for the first time in many years … and it really didn’t look that much different.

Everyone wanted the Pat Patriot look back, but that wasn’t going to happen. This is perfectly reasonable, a sharp update that is just the “color rush” jerseys modified to be the full-time kits. Not bad.

The Browns quit trying to reinvent the wheel. Their new jerseys are basically lifted from the Eric Metcalf/Bernie Kosar era. And that’s just fine.

And if it’s good enough for “The King,” it’s good enough for us.

Part of this ranking is because the Bucs are departing from the NFL’s worst uniforms. No more alarm clock font. Thank goodness.

They did the new uniforms right. They won a Super Bowl and looked good in the pewter. Make a few modifications, and play the hits.

And yeah, you’ll see a lot of these for a while:

No need to complicate this. The Chargers’ uniforms are fantastic.

They are a great throwback with heavy incorporation of the powder blue that always gets raves. The impressive part of the new uniforms is that all of the combinations look good. Any one of these would be in the running for best uniform in the NFL:

The Chargers won one part of the offseason.