When ‘new norm’ became real for Carli Lloyd

Everyone has a moment when they realized that the COVID-19 crisis was a major, life-changing event. For Carli Lloyd of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, she was in Dallas with the team. During the #WeKeepPlaying event Saturday on Yahoo Sports, Lloyd talked about seeing the world change after the USWNT finished a SheBelieves Cup match against Japan on March 11.

“It was crazy. … When we finished the game, this new ‘norm’ became the norm. Everything started to get cancelled, we were finding out NBA players were getting the coronavirus, so things started to get really real.”

Beyond normal life changing, Lloyd had to worry about the Summer Olympics. She spent the early period of the crisis wondering when the organizers were going to postpone the Games, or if they might even cancel them.

“And then there was that week or two week period, three week period where everyone was kind of wondering, it was the elephant in the room, whether the Olympics were gonna go on this summer. And I think that they were kind of pushing to see how this was going to be. Thankfully they are not cancelled, I was a little concerned about that, because I did hear that there could be the possibility.”

Lloyd definitely plans to be at the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics in 2021. She’s grateful for the additional time to prepare, and hopes that the Games next summer become a worldwide rallying event.

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