Watch Jimmy Garoppolo pancake Vikings LB Anthony Barr on a critical play

While most of America was debating fumble or no fumble, we were marveling at a quarterback pancaking an eight-figure linebacker

On a critical play in the second quarter of the divisional round game between the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers, Deebo Samuel took a toss on a razzle-dazzle play, gained 6 yards and then appeared to fumble. The refs initially signaled it was Vikings ball, as Xavier Rhodes stripped the ball from Samuel and Vikings safety Harrison Smith recovered it.

But check out the block from Jimmy Garoppolo! Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr was the victim.

Garoppolo wheeled around after his initial toss and was looking for blood. OK, perhaps that’s a wee bit dramatic, but it’s not often that a — let’s face it — pretty-boy QB can act as lead blocker and take out a 255-pound linebacker.

And it wasn’t for naught, either. Replays showed that Samuel’s knee was down, giving the ball back to the Niners. Six plays later, the 49ers pounded it in for a touchdown and a 14-7 lead.

We say Garoppolo deserves an assist for that score.

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