Watch Hafþór ‘Thor’ Björnsson Punch—and Get Punched—by a World Champion Boxer

Nobody has ever doubted that Hafþór ‘Thor’ Björnsson has power, but until now we’ve only seen it deployed against journeymen boxers and rank amateurs. (No offense.)

However, thanks to a video posted online by Heber Cannon—one half of the CrossFit filmmaking due the Buttery Bros—we now know exactly what happens when Björnsson’s awesome power is unleashed on a world champion boxer.

Much to the internet’s delight, Thor, who let’s not forget is a former World’s Strongest Man winner, recently found himself in the gym with unified lightweight world champion Teófimo López, and the pair couldn’t help but exchange hooks. But unlike the recent spate of videos where one man punches another as hard as he can, this pair decided to do it without wearing a body protector.

For Thor’s attempt, he unleashes his most fearsome left hook into López’s stomach, who, to his credit, takes the punch like the champion that he is. After taking a moment to recover, however, even he has to admit that «that was good,» which gets a laugh from everyone inside the gym.

And then it was López’s turn. Being a professional boxer and a unified world champion, we know he has power in his hands, and he doesn’t disappoint, landing a right hook straight into Thor’s midriff. The blow isn’t enough to knock Björnsson over, but does cause him to cry out—in pain, we think—and say «That was nice.»

Nice isn’t exactly how we’d describe it, but you can judge for yourself by watching each fighter’s effort below.

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