Watch Former NFL Star James Harrison Push a 1,960-Pound Sled

Photo credit: Justin Berl - Getty Images
Photo credit: Justin Berl – Getty Images

From Men’s Health

It’s safe to say James Harrison secured his legacy within the NFL: he won two Super Bowls as a linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and is the team’s all-time sack leader. And while he might have since retired from pro football (twice, in fact), Harrison is still out here performing the kind of superhuman weight room feats that he was known for performing throughout his NFL career.

You might remember that Harrison has quite the impressive track record with the sled push. Back in 2017, at the age of 39, he wowed his Instagram followers by loading a sled with 31 plates totaling 1,395 pounds, and pushing it around a miniature football field. Two months later, he upped the ante and loaded the sled with an additional 405 pounds, to push a total weight of 1,800 pounds.

It’s been three years, but Harrison clearly felt he had more to give. This week, to mark his 42nd birthday, he teased his followers by asking whether they wanted to see him push even more weight on the sled… and then oh boy, did he deliver.

In a new post on IGTV, Harrison pushes a sled loaded with 42 plates, one for each of his 42 years, weighing a total of 1,960 pounds, for more than five yards like it is nothing. Given that the average weight of an NFL player is around 246 pounds, that’s the equivalent of pushing eight football pros.

Alternatively, it’s the same as 12 beer kegs. Or 20 toilets. It’s heavy, is the point. Makes you wonder what Harrison might be planning for his next birthday.

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