Warren Moon: Tom Brady and Drew Brees have lost arm strength, just like I did

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon was 44 years old when he made his last NFL start, so he’s one of the few people who have experienced what Tom Brady and Drew Brees are doing right now, playing quarterback into their 40s. And Moon has some bad news for Brady and Brees: Father Time catches everyone.

Moon says that he can see a deterioration in the arm strength of Brady and Brees, and it’s the same deterioration that he himself suffered from at the end of his career.

“I can see — especially later in the season, and you can see this with Drew Brees and some of the other quarterbacks as well — their arms don’t have the same pop at the end of the season that they had early in the year,” Moon told Colin Cowherd, via MassLive.com. “That has to do with their age, and that’s something I started to see in my career when I got older, that I didn’t have that same pop in my arm. A lot of it has to do with your legs because you’ve just become fatigued over the course of the whole season.”

Moon said Brady can be successful at age 43 this season, just not the same quarterback he was in his best years with the Patriots.

“You saw Tom’s arm that same way at the end of last year,” Moon said. “It’s not a huge deterioration to where he can’t throw certain routes, but there will be times when it gets later into the year you’re going to see some of that take its place. He has great talent around him [in Tampa Bay], which is great, and he doesn’t have to do as much on that football team, which will be good for him at this stage of his career. So I still think he’s gonna have success because of those reasons, but he’s not the same quarterback he was three or four years ago.”

Brady takes motivation from people doubting him, so those comments may go on his bulletin board. Brady will try to prove Moon wrong, but that gets harder with each passing year.

Warren Moon: Tom Brady and Drew Brees have lost arm strength, just like I did originally appeared on Pro Football Talk