Tiger Woods was solid, Peyton Manning was good and Tom Brady was very revealing

A few thoughts on «The Match: Champions for Charity:»

  • It was a fun event, but would have likely been even more fun if the weather had been better. Still, it was enjoyable to see the pros struggle in the kind of weather Oregonians play golf in quite frequently.

  • Shorts. PGA players look so much more athletic playing in shorts. And they should be allowed to do that on the tour. The idea of competing in an athletic event wearing slacks has always seemed silly to me. Especially in summer’s hottest days.

  • Tiger Woods looked ready. He hit every fairway and was solid in all phases. The Tour’s hiatus seemed to do him a lot of good. I hope he can stay healthy long enough to play in a couple of majors. He is still one of the most compelling athletes in sports.

  • And events like this where you see that social version of Woods, where he laughs a bit and interacts with other players, is fun to watch.

  • Tom Brady was nervous. I get it. Golf obviously isn’t his sport and no athlete, no human, would be wild about embarrassing himself on national television. And then the guy split the back of his pants right there on camera! Nice comeback on the back nine, though.

  • But Tom, on a course with wide fairways, why weren’t you using your driver off the tee?

  • Phil Mickelson had to carry his team and the match would have made sense if he’d had Peyton Manning as his partner, rather than Brady. Phil’s fun, though, and he is going to make a great golf commentator when he’s finished with the Tour.

  • Charles Barkley makes every event more entertaining.

  • Oh man, I’d love to have one of those golf carts they were using. They were sleek, cool and, seemingly, fast. Mickelson and Woods, particularly, seemed to enjoy jetting around in them.

  • Putting a mic on a player makes a telecast better in any sport.

  • It was pretty easy to tell which quarterback has been retired for five years and which one is still playing football. Manning has been playing a lot of golf — and he’s good.

  • Golf should do more of these types of events. And I do expect at least one more with Phil and Tiger. They have each won one so there’s a rubber match coming sometime. And it will be good. And raising 20 million bucks for charity is pretty nice, too.

Tiger Woods was solid, Peyton Manning was good and Tom Brady was very revealing originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest