There’s never been a better time to play Yahoo DFS — here’s why!

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With Week 1 officially upon us, it’s time to finally start building DFS lineups. Before doing that, though, fantasy managers should consider how they can get the most bang for their buck while also maximizing upside.

Yahoo Daily Fantasy has added rules and contests in 2021 that ensure both new and experienced DFS players have the best environment possible.

Getting the most bang for your DFS buy-n

When searching for contests to enter, DFS players should be looking for two things: Contests that give them the best chance to win and contests where the money remains in the prize pool instead of going to the hosting site.

It’s even better when the site gives out free money and this season, every Yahoo user has an opportunity to claim a $10 contest entry credit

One way to increase your likelihood of winning is by avoiding the best opponents and Yahoo has made that easier than ever by introducing their new Shark Free Environment. Starting this season, any player that is deemed a Super-Veteran — aka, “Shark” — will be prohibited from entering multi-entry DFS contests. That means the contests with the biggest prize pools will be left to the fantasy enthusiasts without the worry of DFS pros infiltrating every game. Keep an eye out for “Rookie” and “No-Veteran” contests as well.

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One of those multi-entry contests to look out for in Week 1 is the $1 Million Baller. In addition to no “Super-Veterans,» the first Baller tournament of the season will have no management fee, meaning that 100% of buy-ins will stay in the prize pool. This is by far the best tournament structure in DFS to kick off the season, with 25% of the field getting prizes with the chance at $100,000. Not to mention, you also have a chance to win a ticket to Yahoo’s first Fantasy Football Championship Live Finals Event. The Live Final will feature an exclusive $200,000 contest along with a VIP weekend in December.

Players that don’t have the bankroll to fire at the Baller can still get a seat in this year’s Yahoo Fantasy Football Championship by joining the NFL Yahoo Cup. It’s free to play with $150,000 in prizes and a weekly seat to the live final.

You can check out all these contests and more at Yahoo’s DFS lobby here.

Like Yahoo’s contests, the DFS analysis has never been better

In order to give yourself the best shot at winning these tournaments, Yahoo and 4for4 fantasy football will be teaming up to help you build the best lineups possible. Each week, I will be writing up my favorite stacks and contrarian plays for the Baller and then joining Yahoo’s Matt Harmon on a podcast about our top DFS values and fades at each position.

For anyone looking to venture outside of their DFS comfort zone and try non-traditional games, Yahoo is featuring Single-Game contests starting with this week’s Thursday Night Football game between the Buccaneers and Cowboys. For those new to single-game contests, Yahoo’s format uses five flex positions with every position eligible for every slot as long as lineups contain at least one player from both teams that is not a DEF. Additionally, one roster slot is designated as «Superstar» and will receive 1.5x their normal fantasy points.

4for4 Fantasy football will help you get started winning single-game contests by providing free weekly breakdowns for every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night single-game slate!

TJ is a former full-time poker player who has been playing fantasy football for more than a decade. After online poker was outlawed, TJ ended his poker career and dedicated himself to fantasy football. His background in poker statistics and analytics translates to success in both daily and season-long fantasy football.

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