There is a major problem if the NCAA grants spring athletes another year

The NCAA’s council coordinating committee has reportedly agreed to grant another season of eligibility to student-athletes who are not being allowed to compete this spring because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a great idea, but it comes with a built-in problem. If this happens, the NCAA is also going to have to allow its member schools more scholarships for next season, because many of the rides the seniors are on now have already been promised to incoming recruits. Those additional rides would have to be funded, too.

I do think that would be possible, at least for this one year. Scholarships for most spring sports are fewer than for basketball and football and could use a boost, anyway.

Of course, some of the athletes will choose to move on, either to professional sports opportunities or to their other chosen careers. But this would benefit a lot of the four-year players who have no chance to play at the professional level after college. Or the ones who are deprived of a chance to show pro scouts their improvement during a senior season.

There are also indications that athletes competing in winter sports, who have not had an opportunity to complete their season, would also be granted another season. But the problem there is a majority of winter sports athletes had already completed their season. To grant them an extra year would not make sense.

The ones in the postseason could be granted another season, but would that be an unfair advantage over the teams that completed their season and wouldn’t get those seniors back?

That would be a much more complicated problem to solve.

There is a major problem if the NCAA grants spring athletes another year originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest