Steph Curry, Seth childhood video perfect for National Brother’s Day

In the age of quarantine, days of the week have become irrelevant. Holidays, however, have not … no matter how obscure they are.

As people around the country celebrate Memorial Day Weekend (hopefully in safe ways, you know who you are), Sunday marks National Brother’s Day. And the holiday can’t go on without the mention of Steph and Seth Curry, which brings us to this clip from their childhood. 

The Curry brothers, no matter how small and slender, have been getting up shots since Day 1. That includes in other countries, too, as their father, Dell, played his final three NBA seasons with the Toronto Raptors

It’s no secret what a success the brothers have grown to be. Steph helped change basketball forever while turning the Warriors into a dynasty to go with his two MVP awards and three championship rings. 

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Meanwhile, Seth, the younger of the two brothers, has carved out a niche as a 3-point specialist off the bench. While Steph is beloved for his ability to nail any shot from any distance, Seth’s 44.3 shooting percentage from beyond the arc is the second best of all time. He only trails Warriors coach Steve Kerr, whose 45.4 percent is the greatest ever. 

Warriors fans can dream of having the Curry brothers on the same Golden State roster, but it seems that likely never will happen.

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«Honestly, I’ve thought about it. Earlier in my career, I had some opportunities to play on the Warriors and go there and obviously take a much lesser role,» Seth said on Austin Rivers‘ «Go Off» podcast. «I always turned them down because I never really wanted to play on his (Steph’s) team.

«I’d rather compete against him. I’m going to be compared to him and somewhat in his shadow whether I’m on his team or not, so it’s going to multiply if I were on the same team, so I like to create my own path and do my own thing.»

There’s no doubt these two will be competing against each other again in the near future, creating a win-win (or maybe lose-lose) situation for Dell and Sonya Curry, just like they did in the Western Conference finals last season.

Steph Curry, Seth childhood video perfect for National Brother’s Day originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area