Steph Curry more like ‘high-paid Harlem Globetrotter,’ Rob Parker says

If you don’t know who Rob Parker is … he co-hosts Fox Sports’ «The Odd Couple» radio show with Chris Broussard.

Last week, Parker woke up and decided to create some headlines by saying some really silly stuff about Warriors superstar Steph Curry.

He and Broussard debated (they screamed at each other) «the greatest shooter of all time,» and here is what they shouted:

Parker: «It’s real simple — Ray Allen has made more threes, and has made more clutch threes. That’s what it comes down to. Steph can make all the regular season threes he wants — he doesn’t make the big shots. He’s more like a high-paid Harlem Globetrotter making trick shots.

Since 2000 (he clearly meant to say 2010 because the three-time NBA champion was 12 years old in 2000), Steph is only shooting 35 percent for his career in the last two minutes of close playoff games. By comparison — the other stars in the league, Durant shoots higher – 40 percent, Duncan shot higher – 40 percent, LeBron – 40 percent, Kobe – 42 percent.

In the Finals, Curry’s free throw percentage drops 5.5 percent, and 4.5 percent from three. His efficiency rating also drops in the playoffs, his turnovers increase. Steph is only 4-for-15 on shots to tie or win the game with less than 24 seconds to go.

If you want to be considered the ‘greatest shooter of all time’, you have to make big shots when the games matter. One of the greatest shots in history, Ray Allen made, and we’re still waiting for Steph Curry’s biggest shot. I’m waiting … I’m waiting. You can like Steph Curry and say he’s magical and, ‘Oh my God — did you see that halfcourt shot?’ Make it when it matters.

Ray Allen saved LeBron’s bacon with one of the biggest threes in the history of the NBA. I would give Ray Allen the ball any time over Steph Curry. Steph Curry is not the greatest shooter. It’s Ray Allen.»

Broussard: «Stop it with that madness. The question wasn’t who’s the most clutch shooter, it’s who’s the best shooter — and it’s easily Steph Curry. He’s such a great shooter that he changed the game of basketball. From the number of 3s that teams attempt to the spacing on the floor, it’s all changed because of Steph Curry. He made the center position non-existent. He eliminated it because he shoots it so well.

Parker: «Kevin Durant took his team like his lunch money. He came to Golden State, took his MVPs. Even (Andre) Iguodala has a Finals MVP and Steph has nothing. He’s holding a myth. He’s a mirage. He’s not real. Real guys win MVPs when it matters. He can’t be the greatest shooter because he’s never won a Finals MVP.»

Broussard: «Well, Ray Allen hasn’t either so shut that mess up.»

It’s really unfortunate that Steph «Harlem Globetrotter Myth Mirage Not Real» Curry just doesn’t make clutch shots.

Has Steph had some bad games in the playoffs and NBA Finals? Of course he has. So has every other player in NBA history.

Through 112 career playoff games, the two-time NBA MVP is shooting 40.1 percent from 3-point range on 10.5 attempts, is No. 1 all time in makes (470), holds the record (with Klay Thompson) for most 3s over a single postseason (98 in 2015), and drilled an NBA Finals-record nine 3s in Game 2 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2018.

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Over 171 career playoff games, Allen shot 40.1 percent from beyond the arc on 5.6 attempts, is No. 2 all time in makes (385), made a career-best 57 3-pointers across 18 playoff games in 2001 (Steph played in 21 games in 2015), and knocked down a then-NBA-Finals-record eight 3s in Game 2 against the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010.

Let’s just move on and not waste any additional time on these outrageous statements.

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Steph Curry more like ‘high-paid Harlem Globetrotter,’ Rob Parker says originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area