Sources: Some Knicks decision-makers have interest in acquiring free agent Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward
Gordon Hayward

The Knicks should have $40 million heading into free agency on Friday. Will they be spending a chunk of it on Gordon Hayward?

According to The Athletic, Hayward opted out of the final year of his contract with the Celtics, worth around $34 million.

Now that he has opted out, Hayward can either work with the Celtics on a sign-and-trade to another team or he can leave the Celtics as a free agent.

Some teams had been under the impression that the Celtics would work out a sign-and-trade to send Hayward to a new destination, with a multi-year contract.

Since Hayward opted out, it’s reasonable to assume that he’s confident that he’ll have a strong contract offer from the Celtics or a team with cap space, like the Knicks. Or he expects that the Celtics and another team will work out a sign-and-trade.

Prior to the draft, some Knicks decision-makers had interest in acquiring Hayward via trade, SNY sources confirm.

Now that Hayward has opted out, New York is a potential landing spot for Hayward via free agency. And some with the Knicks have interest in signing Hayward as a free agent.

The unknown here is whether the Celtics are talking to another team to facilitate a sign-and-trade.

But, again, Hayward wouldn’t have opted out of his $34 million option without knowing that there was a strong possibility of a sign-and-trade or if a team was going to make him an offer in free agency.

The Hawks or Hornets could have the cap space to sign Hayward in free agency.

Yahoo! Sports reported earlier this week that the Hawks had interest in Hayward. SNY reported a few weeks ago that Indiana was among the teams that has interest in acquiring Hayward via trade.

The Ringer and the New York Times earlier reported that New York was among the teams that had interest in acquiring Hayward.

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