Shaq says Michael Jordan is ‘the best player ever’ and that he’d easily average 45 points in today’s NBA

michael jordan shaq
michael jordan shaq

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Shaquille O’Neal gave his take on the NBA’s greatest of all time — or GOAT — debate.

The legendary big man and Hall of Famer discussed «The Last Dance» — ESPN’s 10-part documentary about Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls — in an interview for «The Dan Patrick Show» and said the series «just solidifies the argument about who is the best player ever.»

michael jordanmichael jordan
michael jordan


«The fair thing to say is we should probably break it down by eras on who was the best player ever, but it’s Michael Jordan by far,» Shaq said. «Some of the things he’s done, I don’t see anybody being close to that. He’s a 10. There’s a lot of 7s or 8s around there but there’s no 9s or 10s.»

NBA legends Reggie Miller and Patrick Ewing previously told Patrick that they didn’t enjoy watching «The Last Dance» because it meant reliving their losses to Jordan. But O’Neal said he’s «enjoying it» because «it just brings back flashbacks.»

«Especially when they were battling Detroit,» Shaq said. «It just made me remember how physical the game was. That’s the game I like to play. This game I’m watching now…UGH.»

michael jordan shaquille onealmichael jordan shaquille oneal
michael jordan shaquille oneal

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Patrick asked the 15-time NBA All-Star how many point he thought His Airness at his peak would average in the modern NBA landscape with today’s physicality, and Shaq did not mince words.

«Forty-five,» O’Neal said. «Easily.»

«But what would you average today,» Patrick asked in response.

«Fifty-one,» Shaq said, without missing a beat.

Check out his full interview on «The Dan Patrick Show» below:

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