Richard Sherman wanted to put Jim Harbaugh out of the league

Richard Sherman wants to make one thing clear: His hatred of the 49ers stemmed from his disdain for Jim Harbaugh when he was head coach in San Francisco. Sherman never held any animosity against the organization itself.

“I wanted to put him out of the league,” Sherman said at Super Bowl opening night, via Phil Barber of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. “And once I got that done, I had no animosity toward the 49ers organization.”

Sherman played for Harbaugh at Stanford, and the 49ers cornerback said earlier this season that Harbaugh accused Sherman of quitting on his teammates by undergoing season-ending surgery in 2008. Sherman, then a wide receiver, wasn’t allowed to play offense in his redshirt junior year and fell to the fifth round in the draft.

Thus, Sherman left college with bad feelings toward his head coach.

“There is nothing to mend,” Sherman said, via KNBR. “The bridge was burned down, torn down and built another bridge at another place, but the bridge in this particular relationship will never be rebuilt. I don’t think he is interested in it, and I’m not interested in it.”

Sherman signed with the 49ers in 2017, three years after Harbaugh left. Harbaugh’s former team and Sherman’s current team now is back in the Super Bowl.

Sherman couldn’t be happier about the way it’s turned out.

“They may put me in the dictionary next to ‘irony’ at some point after this story is written,” Sherman said, via “At the end of the day, I’m a football player. I’m here to help my team win. Whether it’s the San Francisco 49ers, or whoever I’m playing with. Jed [York] had a funny story about when I was coming out because they [San Francisco] had a higher draft grade on me than most teams, and Harbaugh came and took me off the draft board, and he was really upset about that.”