Rasheed Wallace goes in on Drew Brees, isn’t accepting his apology

Saints quarterback Drew Brees was under some major fire with his comments regarding NFL players kneeing again when the NFL season starts back up again.

As most of you already know, Brees got lit up pretty bad.

To a nationwide level.

With teammates and athletes from different sports voicing their disappointment in the veteran quarterback still being tone-deaf to this matter, Brees heard what harm he caused and immediately took the time to apologize for his words.

Some of his teammates took the apology and forgave the veteran quarterback for not having all the knowledge on what it means to be an African American in America.

 Former Trail Blazer Rasheed Wallace saw the apology and wasn’t having what he was saying at all.

Wallace was a guest on the Moose and Maggie radio show in New York on Friday and spoke on Brees and what he thinks about his apology.

Wallace hits on the point that Brees did take a knee with black players back in 2017 in support, but clearly doesn’t understand that it was and has never been about the flag

So why did you take a knee in the first place, and make the comment he made a few days about kneeing anyway?

A lot of people may never look at Brees the same after his comments, but the flip side is that he is more informed now and understand his wrongdoing.

These tough conversations are exactly what America needs, especially during this time we are in now.

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Rasheed Wallace goes in on Drew Brees, isnt accepting his apology originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest