Raiders signing Tom Brady ‘no-brainer,’ analyst Jay Glazer believes

Immediately after the New England Patriots lost to the Tennessee Titans in the AFC wild-card game last weekend, speculation began about whether Tom Brady would play next season, and if so, where.

The Raiders were one of the popular teams mentioned, and for good reason.

Coach Jon Gruden didn’t give Derek Carr a glowing endorsement after the regular season ended, and the team is moving to Las Vegas, so they might want to make a splashy move.

The Athletic’s Jay Glazer believes the Raiders should absolutely make a run at signing Brady and explains why.

«I know it’s going to be hard for Jon Gruden to do that but he’s the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, the most marketable guy there is,» Glazer wrote. «He’s a gamechanger for a franchise. Season tickets. Marketing.  I would open up my checkbook for him if I was a team like the Chargers or the Raiders, who are moving to Las Vegas, and especially if I want him to teach a young quarterback how to be a quarterback. I think it’s a no-brainer – you pay the man.»

Brady, who is a free agent and turns 43 before the next NFL season begins, was non-committal about his future when asked after the Patriots lost last weekend.

«I would say it’s pretty unlikely,» Brady said when asked if he plans to retire. «Hopefully unlikely … Who knows what the future holds? We’ll leave it at that.»

Would it be smart for Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock to move from a 28-year-old Carr to a past-his-prime Brady? Probably not. But having Brady in their first season in Vegas definitely would sell tickets. At least until the team starts losing games.

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Brady’s the most decorated quarterback in NFL history, but his best days are behind him. Glazer believes this is a good move for the Raiders, but if the goal is to win games and build for the future, signing Tom Terrific is not to the move for the Silver and Black. Resist the urge, Chucky.

Raiders signing Tom Brady ‘no-brainer,’ analyst Jay Glazer believes originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area