Play Fantasy Slate, win a chance at a piece of $10K!

What’s better than riding an emotional rollercoaster with your favorite teams each week? Getting in the game yourself!

Wondering how to do that? Look no further. Yahoo Fantasy Slate is an easy, free-to-play, and FUN weekly sports prediction contest. You just answer a series of questions with your best guess and whoever has the most correct picks in the pool will split the cash prize (so don’t worry if you got the first one wrong).

And Fantasy Slate is going BIG for the 49ers-Chiefs clash with $10,000 in total prizes!

Here’s how it works. You’ve already got the Yahoo Sports app, right — If not, download it now. Now, open up the app, tap on the Play tab, and enter Yahoo Fantasy Slate. From there, enter the contest and try your hand at answering 10 simple questions — answer correctly, and you can win up to $10K!

Some of those Chiefs-49ers questions include:

  • Who wins the coin toss?

  • Over/under on the national anthem? Under 1:50/1:51 and above

  • Will the game’s MVP include a quarterback? Yes/No

  • Will the 49ers RBs have more than 27 rush attempts? Yes/No

  • Will there be a touchdown of more than 50 yards? Yes/No

  • Will Patrick Mahomes pass for over 300 yards? Yes/No

The contest will be open all the way up until Sunday 2/2 at 6:15 P.M. EST.

Once you’ve locked in your picks prior to the deadline on Feb. 2, keep an eye on the Yahoo Sports app to see if you’re right. Come out on top, and you’ll not only win the satisfaction of beating the world, you’ll get some real coin.