Peyton Manning drops some devastating trash talk on Tom Brady in anticipation of charity golf match

“The Match” might be a charity golf event, but Peyton Manning is out for blood. Manning, who will partner up with Tiger Woods to take on Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, fired off some shots at Brady during an interview promoting the event.

Manning started by teasing Brady about entering the wrong house while trying to visit Byron Leftwich. From there, Manning’s trash talk only got more intense.

On top of that, Manning calls out all the places in the United States where Brady is hated, and points out Manning and Woods have more combined championships than Brady and Mickelson. The joke being, of course, that Brady has four more Super Bowl wins than Manning. He can only brag about championships because Woods is on his team.

While Manning and Brady have done a few projects together, it’s always refreshing to see them interact and give each other a hard time. Hopefully, that’s what fans can expect when “The Match” takes place on May 24.

Eighteen holes of Manning relentlessly making fun of Brady sounds pretty appealing right now.

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