Michael Thomas and DeVante Parker get into verbal fight over harmless Instagram question

If you want to make New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas angry, you only need one letter. Miami Dolphins wideout DeVante Parker learned that the hard way Monday.

All it took to set Thomas off was Parker responding to a harmless Instagram poll question. The question, posed by NFL on Fox, asked fans to decide what was harder: Making a catch against Stephon Gilmore or breaking up a pass while guarding Michael Thomas.

Parker answered “A.” Thomas got mad about it.

Parker’s answer was obviously influenced by his experience. As a member of the AFC East, the 27-year-old Parker has gone up against Gilmore multiple times per season. Clearly, Parker respects Gilmore’s ability.

Thomas, 27, acknowledged that, but still decided to rip Parker. Thomas said he “lapped” Parker, and criticized Parker for not putting up big numbers until last season. Thomas also told Parker he couldn’t “get a seat at the table.”

Parker mostly responded with different variations of “why are you so mad about this?” He’s got a point, too. Parker’s response wasn’t meant to demean Thomas’ ability. It was meant to give credit to Gilmore. Thomas didn’t see it that way.

While the two players won’t meet in the regular season, they will see each other during the preseason. The Dolphins and Saints are set to play Sept. 3. Parker and Thomas likely won’t play much, though there could be an explosive post-game meeting between the two depending on what happens in that contest.

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