Micah Parsons gets into Twitter war with FOX analyst

Dallas Cowboys rookie linebacker Micah Parsons didn’t take very long into his professional career to get caught up in a Twitter war of words with a football analyst. Following a roster move by the Cowboys, Parsons didn’t take too kindly to the reaction and analysis of FOX analyst Emmanuel Acho and the two went back and forth on Twitter.

The Cowboys released Jaylon Smith from their roster this week, with the immediate reaction being this will place more focus on Parsons in the Cowboys defense. Given the Cowboys used their No. 12 overall pick on the former Nittany Lion standout, you would think the franchise is comfortable with that decision. But Acho suggests now was not the right time to put more on Parsons in the Cowboys defense.

Parsons caught wind of this instant analysis and wasn’t particularly thrilled with what Acho had to say. And he let him know about it.

Acho responded by standing by his analysis and viewpoints and attempting to agree to disagree.

Naturally, Parsons had to respond to that comment and let Acho know he is on a mission to prove his doubter wrong.

Parsons later moved along from his exchange with Acho, but the conversation clearly left Parsons fuming, leading to this tweet summarizing the whole situation.

Twitter is a terrific medium to share instant reactions and analysis, but sometimes it’s best to just ignore something and move on. That is probably what Parsons should have done here. The last thing a rookie player in any league needs to be doing is wasting time having a Twitter beef with a national analysis on one of these talking head sports shows on during the day.

But, at the same time, there is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself either. Should Parsons have gone after Acho on Twitter, or should he have just let this go and move on?

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