Matt Barnes explains why ‘We Believe’ Warriors doc went on back burner

Nearly one month ago, Matt Barnes revealed that a documentary on the 2006-07 «We Believe» Warriors was in the works.

During a Thursday radio appearance with «Bonta, Steiny & Guru» on 95.7 The Game, the 2017 NBA champion with the Warriors provided an update on the doc.

«It kind of got put on hold, but it’s actually rolling now,» Barnes explained. «Myself, Baron Davis, Jack (Stephen Jackson) — we’re getting the crew back together. We’ve assembled a solid team behind to help produce and direct it.

«Hopefully that’ll get going once we find some sort of normalcy back in this country. So I’m hoping within the next few months we’ll jump back on that project. But myself and Baron, we’re doing all kinds of political (things) right now. So that’s kind of been put on the back-burner.

«But that is definitely coming sooner than later.»

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Barnes’ explanation is 100 percent justified as there are way more important things to focus on right now.

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But whenever the project gets completed, it is sure to be a huge hit in the Bay Area.

«I think it’s gonna be fun. I think the fans are gonna enjoy it. I think the fans are gonna be amazed by what kind of team we really were — on and off the court. Seeing the inside stuff and hearing about it. 

«We were a wild bunch, but we loved to play basketball and we loved each other. And we loved being able to do that for the Bay Area.»

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