Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau praises RJ Barrett: ‘He’s in a really good place’

RJ Barrett dunks against Jazz
RJ Barrett dunks against Jazz

RJ Barretts growth in his second year in the NBA has Tom Thibodeau on notice.

After putting up his second-consecutive double-double in the Knicks‘ 91-84 win over the Orlando Magic on Monday afternoon, Barrett’s career-high totals grew bigger.

After Monday’s matinee, Barrett is averaging 17 points a game, along with 7.6 boards and 3.4 assists per contest.

«His attitude’s been great. He’s in a really good place,» said Thibodeau.

Barrett’s three-point shooting took quite a nosedive – in a 10-game stretch, he knocked just six of 47 shots (12.8 percent) from behind the arc, with four of those makes coming in one game. Since then, he’s hit five of 15 (33 percent).

He went 0-for-3 from the perimeter on Monday, but Thibodeau thinks «the shooting will come around.»

«He’s put a lot of extra time into it. He’s in a good rhythm now. He has real good balance. I think the sky is the limit. I think he’s learning, as most young players do, but he can score a bunch of different ways,» Thibodeau said.