Ja Morant: ‘I’m not a big fan on the leaving’

“Me, I’m not a big fan on the leaving,” Morant said. “As long as I’m here, I’m here; that’s my focus. Regardless, I’m going to make the best of any situation, continue to just go out with my teammates, win games, play in front of our fans and do whatever I can to continue to bring love.”
Source: Joe Vardon @ The Athletic

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Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
The Grizzlies offense in their 132-121 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers? Outstanding!
The Memphis defense? Ehh…needs improvement.
Report Card time after Ja Morant and company ace their first test of the season. grizzlybearblues.com/2021/10/21/227… pic.twitter.com/BTumjpoKO28:55 AM

Joe Vardon @joevardon
In an age of disgruntled stars, Ja Morant is ‘not a big fan on the leaving.’ He sat with me to talk Memphis, family, and why the Grizzlies are safe to build around him. With strong cameos from Jaren Jackson and Taylor Jenkins ⁦@The Athletictheathletic.com/2903157/2021/1…8:52 AM

Geoff Calkins @geoff_calkins
If you can’t decide which Ja Morant play was more spectacular last night — the block or the dunk — I have news. There will be more where they came from. On the Grizzlies eye-popping opener. dailymemphian.com/subscriber/sec…8:10 AM

Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie
Ja Morant was basically unstoppable against the Cavs tonight. Dropped 37 and 6 assists. Speed was on display in a real way. Just sprinted out in transition in a great matchup to do so. Loved the way he took over late with floaters against the Cavs’ drop with all their bigs. pic.twitter.com/nnm4fm6R5a4:19 AM

Geoff Calkins @geoff_calkins
Ja Morant was sensational in the Grizz opener. And if anyone really stayed away because of the vaccination requirement, they should seriously reconsider their choices in life. Column: dailymemphian.com/subscriber/sec…2:09 AM

Ja Morant @JaMorant
WTTD – 1:54 AM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Ja Morant emerged from “the dark” on Wednesday and put on a show so grand that he surprised his teammates of two seasons.
37 points, six rebounds, six assists and MVP chants echoing inside FedExForum. And he warned that this would happen. dailymemphian.com/section/sports…11:56 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Ja Morant said he was “shook” to hear the MVP chants at the end of the game.
He said it almost made him miss his free throws – 11:02 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Ja Morant on his message to his team: We gotta win different kinds of win — pretty ones, ugly ones. They gotta carry that energy into the road trip – 11:00 PM

Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
Ja Morant said the “MVP!” chants almost made him miss his free throws! – 11:00 PM

Peter Edmiston @peteredmiston
Ja Morant: “Not gonna lie, those MVP chants almost made me miss my free throws. I was shook.” – 11:00 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Ja Morant said the MVP chants almost made him miss his FTs. He was shook. Was WOW’d but he also wanted to make his FTs.
Take note, Grizz Nation! – 11:00 PM

Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
After the game, Ja Morant said he surprised himself on the block. He said The layup was high and he had to duck his head a little bit. – 10:59 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Ja Morant on playing with Adams, Bane, and Melton: He gives a lot of credit to those guys. He watched Des and Melt work, and it’s paying off. With Stev-O, they’re learning each other, and the chemistry is there, but they gotta learn to read each other better – 10:59 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Ja Morant said he doesn’t surprise himself much, but he did surprise himself with the block, because of how high the layup is – 10:56 PM

Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
“He does what he does. He’s a special, special, special talent!”
@Desmond Bane on @Ja Morant10:52 PM

Memphis Grizzlies PR @GrizzliesPR
Most Points, Regular Season Opener, @Memphis Grizzlies Franchise History:
1. Ja Morant, 44 (2020)
2. @Ja Morant, 37 (2021 — tonight)
3. Marc Gasol, 32 (2014) pic.twitter.com/N8rTa2gzP510:43 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Taylor Jenkins on Ja Morant making moments late in games: Called it huge, and he praised Ja for how he organizes the offense and gets to his spots when things slow down – 10:36 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Ja Morant averages in the season openers excluding his rookie season (2 games).
40.5 points
7.5 assists
4.0 rebounds – 10:35 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
AND MORE IMPORTANTLY – THE GRIZZLIES GOT THE OPENING NIGHT DUB. grizzlybearblues.com/2021/10/20/227… pic.twitter.com/k8F1rtQD8410:31 PM

Justin Kubatko @jkubatko
Ja Morant tonight:
✅ 37 PTS
✅ 6 REB
✅ 6 AST
Morant (22 years, 71 days) is the second-youngest player in NBA history to record at least 35p/5r/5a in a season opener.
Trae Young was 21 years, 35 days old when he did so to open the 2019-20 season. – 10:26 PM

Peter Edmiston @peteredmiston
That was an absurd performance from Ja Morant. MVP chants throughout FedExForum after watching Morant take over late in the game. 37 points on 17-29 shooting, 6 rebounds, 6 assists. Incredible way to start what could be a huge season. – 10:24 PM

Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie
Both Ja Morant and Jaylen Brown are going god mode late in their games and the NBA is totally back and I love this league so so so much – 10:14 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
JA MORANT FOR 3 – 10:14 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Ja Morant taking over late in the fourth. I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. – 10:12 PM

The Vertical @YahooSportsNBA
Ja Morant is just absolutely sick with it! 🤯
pic.twitter.com/ikkxmGhPhR9:47 PM

The Ringer @ringernba
(📼 @GrizzOnBally)
pic.twitter.com/jyrNhdWorp9:42 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
I think I’m going to make my game story Ja Morant highlight tweets. – 9:42 PM

Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
You know how you have those moments in life where you are like “how did I get so lucky”??…well that’s the moment I am having right now watching @Ja Morant!
#GrizzNation, how did we get so lucky to have JA!?! – 9:42 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Did Ja Morant just give us the dunk of the season in the first game? Oh my word.
Jaren Jackson Jr. just put his hands on top of his head and dropped his jaw. – 9:33 PM

Peter Edmiston @peteredmiston
Everything is so easy for Ja Morant. 20 points on 10-15 shooting, just getting to the basket any time he wants. Absolutely nothing the Cavs can do. His block on Markkanen at the end of the half was the exclamation mark. Looks every bit an All-Star. – 9:10 PM

Mark Giannotto @mgiannotto
Just had to explain to my newborn that top of the box blocks by PGs are not normal. #JaMorant9:08 PM

Marla Ridenour @MRidenourABJ
Ja Morant ends a sensational half by blocking #Cavs 7-footer Lauri Markkanen. Morant is so much fun to watch #OVCProud9:08 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
That was a picture perfect first half ending for the Grizzlies. WOW.
Ja Morant drives and the entire Cavs defense collapses. He kicks to Bane for a pump-fake 3.
Then Ja races down the floor and swats a ball of THE TOP OF THE SQUARE. To end the half. Someone alert Sportscenter. – 9:06 PM

Peter Edmiston @peteredmiston
Ja Morant is on a different level – 9:06 PM

Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
Ja Morant has had some ridiculous finishes tonight. He’s insanely good. – 9:05 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
From the Memphis crowd as Ja Morant scores an incredible scoop shot for 20 first-half points.

Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
Please tell me you are watching this show JA MORANT is putting on right now!?!?! – 9:04 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Ja Morant is absolutely carving up the Cavs’ defense. There’s no answer for him – 9:03 PM

Peter Edmiston @peteredmiston
Ja Morant looked sensational in the first quarter. Very, very easy 12 points on 6-9 shooting. Grizzlies need to get Jaren Jackson, Jr more involved, though. Just one attempt from him so far. – 8:38 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Ja Morant 12 points in the first 8 minutes. He had 44 in game 1 last season. Trending that way. – 8:31 PM

Peter Edmiston @peteredmiston
Tough assignment for Isaac Okoro. Ja Morant eating him up right now. – 8:30 PM

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM
Short synopsis of the game so far: Desmond Bane and Ja Morant. – 8:29 PM

Joe Mullinax @sbnGrizzlies
Ja Morant crosses Sexton and lays it in for the first bucket of the season for Memphis – 8:14 PM

Nick DePaula @NickDePaula
Ja Morant broke out the Kyrie 1s tonight to kick the season off. pic.twitter.com/DVH3qIqh0Q8:06 PM

Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
Starters tonight for the @Memphis Grizzlies:
Ja Morant
De’Anthony Melton
Desmond Bane
Jaren Jackson Jr.
Steven Adams – 7:49 PM

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“I love everything about it,” Morant told me, speaking about playing for the Grizzlies and living in Memphis. “I feel like this is my home, from the front office down, the fans, the community. Everybody brought me in and made me feel like family, and me and my family couldn’t ask for anything better.” -via The Athletic / October 21, 2021