How much money will NBA players lose if they don’t play in NBA’s return?

The NBA is officially making its return on July 31st after closing its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many players have expressed concern about making the return to play in a confined space over in Disney World.

If players don’t want to take the risk, they are not obligated to report to Disney World if they so chose not too.

They have until June 24th to make that decision.

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Here is the catch: they will be docked pay based on games missed if they sit out.

On Tuesday, they found out exactly how much skipping the Disney games will cost them.

According to an NBPA memo obtained by The Athletic’s Shams Charania, players on the 22 teams invited to Disney World who choose not to attend will see their salary reduced by 1/92.6 for each game missed up to 14 games.

It is critical that every player understand that he has the right to choose not to return to play. Any player who exercises this right will not be disciplined. To respect the decision of those who do return to play, it has been agreed that any player who chooses not to participate will have his compensation reduced by 1/92.6 for each game missed up to a cap of 14 games, even if his team plays more than 14 games in Orlando.

There will be no other reductions of pay assessed (e.g., fines for missed practices) for a player’s decision not to return to play. Any player that wishes to exercise this right should notify his team of this election by June 24.

There will be 22 teams that report to Disney World and will play eight regular-season games before the playoffs start. Players will be docked for missing up to 14 games, so if you are on a good team and your team makes it to the playoffs, they could be seeing further pay reductions.

Players who miss eight games will see an 8.6% salary reduction while players who miss 14 games will see a 15.1% salary reduction.

And if you think players have free rein to leave Disney World at any time, think again.

If anyone decides to leave the Disney World bubble without some form of appearance, they will be subjected to a 10-14 day quarantine upon return. 

And guess what? Yes, you will be subjected to pay cuts for the games missed because you are in quarantine.

Players deemed by their teams to be at risk of severe illness related to COVID-19 will be considered «protected players,» and not subject to salary reduction.

A lot of money is at stake to try and bring the NBA back to our television screens.

It also seems that players might not have a choice to sit out without some money in the process.

Here is the full NBA memo if you are interested in reading it.

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