How Kevin Durant reacted to Ja Morant jabbing Steph Curry on Twitter

Two weeks ago, Warriors superstar Steph Curry and Memphis Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant made headlines because of a little social media spat regarding Andre Iguodala.

There wasn’t any legit beef, however, as the two exchanged friendly DMs to clear the air.

Hey Kevin Durant — why do you think Morant chose to tweet a picture of you holding the NBA Finals MVP trophy?

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«I don’t know. There’s always been speculation about what my place was on the team, or what I meant to the team,» the two-time NBA Finals MVP told Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks. «I don’t think that got anybody on the Warriors upset that he posted a picture of me. 

«We’re all brothers and we won championships together. It wasn’t anything more than just a little jab I guess.»

But what about the narrative that Golden State only won the title in 2017 and 2018 because of you?

«They got narratives for everything,» KD said. «There’s a lot of stuff the casual fan don’t get about the game. So they make a lot of speculation on what they see. It’s not the whole picture.»

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Despite Durant’s appropriate reasoning, there always will be chatter about his controversial decision to join the Warriors in free agency, his spat with Draymond Green, and his general fit within the Warriors’ ecosystem.

This «beef» between Morant and Curry will only add to that.

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How Kevin Durant reacted to Ja Morant jabbing Steph Curry on Twitter originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area