Guarding LeBron James ‘no challenge’, says Beverley

Patrick Beverley described guarding LeBron James as «no challenge» after the Los Angeles Clippers’ loss to the Lakers on Sunday.

James’ 28 points, nine assists and seven rebounds helped the Lakers beat the Clippers 112-103 at the Staples Center.

But asked about guarding the four-time NBA MVP, Beverley quickly shut down questions.

«No challenge,» the Clippers guard told a news conference.

«No challenge,» he said again to a follow-up question before a third was answered with: «Not hard at all.»

Anthony Davis (30 points) and Avery Bradley (24) were also key contributors for the Lakers (49-13), while Paul George (31) and Kawhi Leonard (27) led the Clippers (43-20).

Beverley gave the Lakers credit for their victory while calling on his team to bounce back.

«We’ve got to give them a lot of credit. They came and won a basketball game, they took it personal, you’ve got to give them a lot of credit,» he said.

«This is one game of course, but I live in LA man, it’s hard, it’s hard to deal with this loss.

«But we have to wash it down in the shower and keep getting better and we will.»