Get ready to laugh (and cringe) at the best of 2019’s ‘Fantasy Bad Beats’

It’s been a wild fantasy football year with plenty of surprises, amazing victories and back-breaking losses. And it’s thanks to those losses that “Fantasy Bad Beats” exists, as we help you (laugh at you) get through all those terrible defeats. Let’s join Andy Behrens as he goes through the top five worst (best?) bad beats of the 2019 season!

You’ll find everything from Tyler Lockett’s ill-timed goose egg in Week 13 to that weird Raheem Mostert backwards-lateral-fumble against the Falcons in Week 15.

There’s also the horrible losses by minuscule margins, like the gamer who followed up one bad beat in Week 2 with another in Week 3.

2019’s new segment, “Blowout of the Week,” is represented in the top-five too, thanks to an over-100-point demolition of a guy who seemingly who deserved it.

Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention the case of RJ. Poor, poor RJ (you’ll see).

Which were some of your worst fantasy bad beats of 2019? Let us know in the comments below and hit us up @YahooFantasy!