Fight Breaks Out at Steelers, Lions Game After Woman Slaps Man in Face

Image via TMZ

A scuffle took place in the stands of Heinz Field Saturday after a woman slapped a man in the face during a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Detroit Lions.

In a video shared by TMZ, a woman can be seen getting into an argument with a man one row in front of her at the game. She seems to take things further, telling him to “get the fuck out” and making contact with him as he tries to push her arm away. After he says “don’t touch me,” she slaps him in his face.

The rest of the incident only got worse, as the man tries to push her away when a man the woman was with attempts to step in. The fan who was slapped then takes his glasses off and lands some punches on the woman’s partner, while also either pushing the woman aside or swinging at her. When the partner goes down, the woman tries to put the man she slapped in a choke hold as he moves her aside to remove himself from the situation.

Other fans then come over and attempt to calm things down, as fans can be heard in the background saying that the woman made the first contact.

It’s unclear whether any arrests were made in connection to the fight, TMZ reports. Just last week, a fight at a Rams and Chargers game had the internet in shambles, too, as a couple rows of fans began to go at it for no clear reason.

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