Dominick Cruz claims ref smelled like ‘alcohol and cigarettes’ after controversial loss

Dominick Cruz wants the ref to be investigated after Cruz’s loss to Henry Cejudo at UFC 249 on Saturday. Cruz — who lost after the ref called the fight — claims referee Keith Peterson smelled like “alcohol and cigarettes” before the fight.

Cruz, 35, made that accusation during a post-fight interview.

Cruz defends that accusation, too. When asked if Peterson actually smelled like alcohol and cigarettes, Cruz responds by saying, “Definitely.” Cruz added that he wants that ref to be drug tested. He also says he wanted Peterson replaced before the fight.

Cruz lost to Cejudo after a controversial ruling by Peterson. After getting hit with a knee, Cruz went down and was hit by a flurry of punches from Cejudo. Peterson called the fight at that point. Cruz later claims he was trying to get up, and believes Peterson called the fight prematurely.

Whether UFC can do anything about Cruz’s accusations remains to be seen. If Cruz is being honest, that’s a serious claim, and one that could put Peterson out of a job. But if Cruz is making baseless claims as a result of his loss, that’s pretty despicable.

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