DeMarcus Cousins says he wasn’t supposed to play for Warriors in NBA Finals

DeMarcus Cousins tore his left quadriceps early in the first quarter of Game 2 of the Warriors’ first-round playoff series last year against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Somehow, some way, the big man returned six weeks later and appeared in all six games of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors.

«I was terrible in the Finals. One-leg bandit on the floor,» Cousins said on Showtime’s «All the Smoke» podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. «But I wanted to be a part of it. In the Finals, you play hurt.

«That’s when you lay your body on the line. I went out there and I gave it what I had. I helped in spots. But I wasn’t supposed to be on the floor.»

The four-time All-Star struggled in certain games, but was extremely valuable in the Warriors’ two wins in the series:
— Game 2 = 11 points, 10 rebounds, six assists, two blocks
— Game 5 = 14 points, six rebounds, assist, steal, block

«I rehabbed a torn quad in six weeks. I had no business (being) on the floor,» he said.

So how did Cousins find a way to be in uniform?

«I just kept telling myself, ‘This is what I’ve played for my entire career — to be on this stage, to have this opportunity. Whatever I gotta do to be able to be apart of that, I’m gonna do it,'» the 29-year-old said. «I don’t even know how I did it honestly.

«Do I regret it? Hell no. I’m OK with the results.»

Cousins signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in July, but tore his left ACL in mid-August and is out indefinitely. Depending on how far the Lakers advance in the playoffs, there is a chance he returns at some point this season.

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DeMarcus Cousins says he wasn’t supposed to play for Warriors in NBA Finals originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area