David Carr chides Jameis Winston for training choices

One is a former first overall pick whose career as a starter ended after five years. The other is a former first overall pick whose career as a starter may be ending after five years, but he’s trying his best to keep that from happening.

On Thursday, they engaged in a back-and-forth on Twitter.

It started when video of a workout regimen that consisted of free-agent quarterback Jameis Winston dodging an oversized speed bag, swung in his direction by a trainer. David Carr, who works as an analyst with the NFL, called Winston out for the exercise.

“Stop paying your friends to train you,” Carr said. “Get some help. I’ve been in a lot of collapsing pockets and never once did I have defenders just flying at my head.” Carr capped his message with a crying laughter emoji.

Before Winston could respond, former NFL quarterback Danny Kanell chimed in.

This is lame criticism of Jameis,” Kanell told Carr. “He’s working his butt off to get another shot. I think he gets it too and proves a lot of his critics wrong.”

“He will get another shot,” Carr responded. “The exercise is still completely useless. Two things can be true. In fact, not saying something just insures [sic] that he continues doing it or worse, younger players copy it.”

Replied Kanell, “Half the exercises at the combine are useless too. I think the drill could add value. It’s not like it’s giving anyone bad habits!”

That’s when Jameis got involved, with a request for Carr.

“Hey bro I have nothing but love for you!” Winston said to Carr. “Reach out to help or mind your business though. I’ve been working with my personal trainer since I was 14! We built this from the bottom and we’re still building. Treat others how you want to be treated bro!”

Winston added a clip of a play capped by the former Buccaneers quarterback having the awareness to slide under a hit, demonstrating (in his view) the value of the exercise.

Regardless of whether the exercise actually helps Winston, Carr’s decision to call Winston out seems odd, and hypocritical. Carr and his brother, Derek, resent criticism of any kind, routinely blocking on social media anyone who says anything they don’t like. To the extent that current and former NFL quarterbacks are members of a fraternity, David Carr arguably should raise his concerns privately, or say nothing.

Then again, maybe David has decided to take shots at Jameis because David realizes that Winston has a higher ceiling at the quarterback position than Derek, and that maybe Raiders coach Jon Gruden and G.M. Mike Mayock will eventually figure that out.

David Carr chides Jameis Winston for training choices originally appeared on Pro Football Talk