Chris Paul talks about relationship with Blake Griffin: ‘You don’t realize what you have till it’s gone’

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul is trying to patch things up with former teammate Blake Griffin. In an interview on “All the Smoke,” Paul admitted he missed Griffin, saying, “You don’t realize what you have till it’s gone.”

Paul, 34, made things even more clear, adding that he “appreciated Blake more” after Paul left the Los Angeles Clippers.

Warning: Clip contains some NSFW language (but you’re probably at home anyway).

What happened between Chris Paul and Blake Griffin?

After multiple seasons together, Griffin and Paul’s relationship deteriorated. There were leadership issues in the locker room, where both men wanted to be the leader, according to Austin Rivers. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers has admitted things weren’t great between Griffin, Paul and DeAndre Jordan.

Griffin has also spoken about the issue. He didn’t go into in-depth detail, but described what it was like to be teammates with Paul.

Are Blake Griffin and Chris Paul going to make up now?

While Paul’s statement suggests he’s ready to bury the hatchet, neither player can really act on that right now. With the NBA postponed due to the coronavirus, fans won’t see either player meet on the court any time soon.

Anyone hoping to see the two reunite might be left wanting too. Griffin and Paul each have two years left on their deals. While they hypothetically could join forces again at that time, their relationship may not be at that point just yet and both have monster contracts.

But if Paul is hoping to mend things with Griffin. This would be a good way to start. Maybe distance actually does make the heart grow fonder.

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