Brooks Koepka fires back at Bryson DeChambeau for calling out Koepka’s physique

The golf world learned something important Thursday: Trash talk Brooks Koepka’s body at your own risk. A day after Bryson DeChambeau called out Koepka’s lack of abs, Koepka destroyed DeChambeau with the perfect response.

The exchange started Wednesday, when DeChambeau called out Koepka.

DeChambeau says, “In the ‘Body Issue,’ [Koepka] didn’t have any abs. I can tell you that.”

Koepka, 29, took some flak for appearing in the ESPN’s Body Issue, but defended his position, saying he was proud of the work he put in before the photoshoot. Koepka also called out his critics, saying they didn’t “have the balls to do it.”

So how did Koepka respond after hearing DeChambeau’s criticism? Koepka let his trophies do the talking.

That’s one way to win an argument. Koepka posted a photo of his four major championship trophies. DeChambeau doesn’t have any of those.

That should end this round of insults. We imagine DeChambeau is going to need a couple days to think over his choices before he decides to go after Koepka again.


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