Boxed In: Phil Jackson or Scottie Pippen

Every Batman needs a Robin. Every John Lennon needs a Paul McCartney. Even peanut butter doesn’t reach its delectable heights without jelly picking up the slack from time to time.

We all know Michael Jordan is the GOAT that led the Chicago Bulls to six championship titles in the ’90s. But who was the second banana during the Bulls Dynasty?

On today’s Boxed In, life-long Chicago Bulls fan Andy Behrens — yes, even during the Eddy Curry years — presides over the arguments of Yahoo’s Seerat Sohi and Zach Schwartz to settle the debate over who was more important to the Bulls: Scottie Pippen or head coach Phil Jackson. It’s the 7-time NBA All-Star and 8-time member of the NBA All-Defensive First Team vs. the 13-time NBA Champion. It’s tenacious D vs. the Zen Master.