Blake Griffin explains why he chose to play for Nets: ‘I wanted to be on a team that was contending’

Blake Griffin handles the ball with Pistons guarded by James Harden close crop

Blake Griffin handles the ball with Pistons guarded by James Harden close crop

Blake Griffin is officially a Net, and while his introductory news conference is still TBA since the NBA is in the midst of the All-Star break, he still got to answer a few questions Monday about joining his new team.

Griffin had an AMA on Bleacher Report Monday and answered some questions about his arrival in Brooklyn.

Q: Why did you choose Brooklyn?

A: «They have a need for a four-man. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Steve Nash and all of the guys that they have. Sean Marks has done great job there. It was a tough decision and I wanted to be on a team that was contending.»

Once Kevin Durant returns, Griffin will likely come off the bench, meaning Jeff Green will see his minutes slashed at the four spot.

But come playoff times, the Nets now have a serious options for a small-ball five in Griffin — swapping him in for DeAndre Jordan when the right time comes could space the floor even more than it already is with Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving on it.

Q: Was your friendship with DeAndre Jordan a big factor in joining Brooklyn?

A: «We go way back. Anybody who you’re that familiar with it always makes it easier. That definitely played a part.»

Griffin and Jordan played for the Los Angeles Clippers together for eight and a half seasons together before Griffin was traded to the Detroit Pistons in 2018, and Jordan signed with the Dallas Mavericks later that offseason.

Q: What are your goals for this year?

A: «My only goal is to help win a championship. Some years it’s more realistic than others. But that’s why I came to Brooklyn.»

Q: Are we gonna see you catch lobs now?

A: «We’ll see…»

The Blake Griffin of old was a high-flying athlete and as box office as an NBA player could be. But times have changed, and the insane truth is that he hasn’t dunked in a game since Dec. 12, 2019.

He’s been on a struggling Pistons team for the last few seasons. There’s no need for an LA lob-city rendition in Detroit, just as much winning basketball as possible. Add in that Griffin has had numerous knee injuries in recent years, and you get a player that’s changed his game to more of a shooter.

But this is a Brooklyn team that’s as entertaining as any team in the league, with enough shooting power from it’s top trio already in the bag. A little lob city action wouldn’t hurt in properly welcoming him onto this title contending roster.

I guess we’ll see…