Bill Belichick’s dog was the breakout star of the 2020 NFL draft and we finally know why

The Cincinnati Bengals were excited to take Joe Burrow with the No.1 overall pick. The Miami Dolphins were elated that Tua Tagovailoa was still there at No. 5. But both of those players took a backseat to the biggest breakout star of the 2020 NFL draft: Bill Belichick’s dog.

In perhaps the most bizarre moment of the 2020 NFL draft, this happened:

When ESPN tuned in to New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s war room, they were greeted by a dog sitting alone in front of two computer monitors. A graphic reading, “Bill Belichick Head Coach” only made the situation more hilarious.

After a few days, we finally have an explanation for the picture. Turns out the dog — named Nike — just wanted some treats, according to Belichick’s girlfriend Linda Holliday, who told the story on “The Adam Schefter Podcast.”

«Nantucket’s got very strict rules about who is coming to the island, so I worked with the Patriots’ IT people and I said, ‘Teach me, I’ll do lighting. I’ll do IT. I’ll do it all,'» she said.

«So I’m doing lighting, and next thing I know, Bill had a couple of treats that were left over near his laptop and he stepped away from the table. And all of a sudden, he looks and goes, ‘Look at the table.’ There’s Nike just sitting there waiting patiently, and he knew his treats were there. So that’s what prompted him getting up to the table, and he was just waiting patiently for the word to take his treats.»

The situation also produced this picture, which will always be funny.

For those of you concerned about whether Nike got a treat for his exceptional behavior, there’s no need. Belichick eventually gave Nike a treat on camera, proving Nike is a good dog and that Belichick is capable of showing human emotion.

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