Autographed pair of Air Jordan 1s expected to sell for at least $100,000 at auction

Sneaker collectors are looking to take advantage of “The Last Dance” hype. Just days after the documentary covered Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 1s, an autographed pair of that shoe will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s. The pair is expected to go for at least $100,000, according to Reuters.

The shoes — which are well-worn — will be up for auction until May 17. If you have an extra $100,000 lying around, you can put in a bid.

The seller — a sneaker collector named Jordan Geller — said the excitement of “The Last Dance” inspired him to put the shoe up for auction.

“With all the excitement surrounding Michael Jordan and ‘The Last Dance,’ my wife and I decided that it’s time to let the shoes find a new home,” Geller said in a statement.

While the Air Jordan 1s are expected to sell for a high price, they aren’t expected to set a record for a Jordan shoe. The shoes Jordan wore during the 1984 Olympics sold for over $190,000 back in 2017.

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