As promised, Tyron Woodley gets ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo … on his middle finger

It took nearly a month, but Tyron Woodley has his promised «I love Jake Paul» tattoo. 

Whether that means a rematch will happen between the former UFC welterweight champion and YouTube star turned boxer is now up to Paul.

Woodley posted a picture of his new ink through Twitter on Monday. It indeed reads «I love Jake Paul,» but Woodley seemed to make this thoughts clear on the whole situation by getting it along his middle finger:

He later added a follow-up video of the tattoo artist at work to combat accusations he faked the whole thing with pen:

Woodley and Paul had publicly agreed to a tattoo bet entering their boxing match/sideshow. Paul would have had to get an «I love Tyron Woodley» if he lost, but he instead beat Woodley via split decision to improve his professional boxing record to 4-0.

Woodley immediately demanded a rematch, and Paul seemed to agree to on one condition.

«If you get the tattoo ‘I love Jake Paul,’ let’s run it back,» Paul said. Woodley replied «Bet,» and the two later shook hands.

Despite Paul having a tattoo artist on site, it took Woodley weeks to proceed with the tattoo, long enough that Paul has already said he’s moving on to other opponents.

Will Jake Paul honor Tyron Woodley rematch agreement?

The possibility of a Woodley rematch now seems up to Paul, who may still try to move on to newer, and more lucrative, opponents.

Paul previously tweeted a set of rules for Woodley to follow with his tattoo, though we’re not sure he should get the power to dictate the terms after the fight. As you can see, Woodley seems to have followed four of the five rules, but his finger ink definitely seems narrower than 2 inches.

So far, Paul hasn’t responded to Woodley’s post on social media. We’ll see if he ever does.