Antonio Brown should have listened to Larry Fitzgerald

If the headline from earlier today that Antonio Brown has admitted “I never realized how good I had it” with Ben Roethlisberger sounds familiar, there’s a good reason for that.

Said future Hall of Fame receiver Larry Fitzgerald last year during Brown’s effort to tweet his way out of Pittsburgh: “I don’t think he understands how good he has it.”

Asked about Brown during the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference, Fitzgerald — who has played with plenty of bad quarterbacks over the years — was blunt.

“Mr. Big Chest is a good friend of mine, but I don’t think he’s going about it the right way personally,” Fitzgerald said. “To be able to play with an all-time quarterback like he’s able to play with, I don’t think he understands how good he has it. It can get tough out there. It can get tough out there.”

It’s gotten very tough out there for Brown. He decided that he wanted out of Oakland and then he landed in New England and then off-field issues causes him to land in football purgatory. Now, he’s trying to rebuild bridges that he vaporized, while still bracing for NFL discipline arising from at least three different incidents, including last month’s arrest that arose from his refusal to pay moving charges.

Of course, Brown hasn’t shown much of an inclination to listen to anyone other than himself. Even if Fitzgerald had grabbed Brown by the shoulders and looked him in the eyes last year and said, “AB, you don’t want this,” nothing was changing his mind. Now, Brown has to change a lot of minds to ever have a chance to play in the NFL again.

And I’ll continue to bet the under on the number of NFL games in which he’ll actually play from this point forward.