Alex Smith Almost Lost His Leg. Now, He’s Doing Football Drills at Full-Speed.

Photo credit: @lizbsmith11
Photo credit: @lizbsmith11

From Men’s Health

NFL quarterback Alex Smith is a fighter. The former first overall pick, who infamously suffered a severely broken leg when he was sacked during a game against the Houston Texans in November 2018, is on the mend and looking stronger than ever in a recent workout.

His wife, Elizabeth Smith, shared an inspiring birthday message to him on Instagram, complete with a video showing off Alex’s most recent workout. The QB has moved beyond rehab exercises to running drills at full-speed on a football field.

«The last week we’ve been overwhelmed with love,support and sweet messages. We cannot thank you enough. #project11 was a look into what the last 18 months have been (mostly Alex refusing to give up). I am in awe of his perseverance everyday. He just keeps getting stronger and refuses to give up… Forever grateful💋,» she captioned the post.

In the video, Smith is seen working on his pass drop footwork and doing speed drills between two cones while gripping a pigskin and wearing a brace totally covering his right leg. He making some impressive passes to his sons, and runs through some pocket escape drills where his mobility looks just about perfect.

Smith’s journey to recovery was documented in an E60 documentary titled, “Project 11”, which debuted on ESPN earlier this month.

The program documented Smith’s career from high school recruit to the NFL, but focused most closely on the aftermath of his injury and 18-month-and-counting recovery and rehab journey, including some pretty gnarly unseen photos of his leg injury.

Smith’s recovery has included 17 surgeries, including battles with post-operation infections that almost forced doctors to amputate his leg. He’s endured countless hours of rehabilitation, which he also did alongside injured military veterans.

Should the NFL start on schedule this year, Smith might be closer to coming back than anyone could have ever expected. The star has expressed his desire to play again—and with the way he’s moving on the field, he could just do it.

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