Al Horford reflects on what went wrong with the 76ers last season

Al Horford has been playing better than he has played in a long time. He’s averaging 14.2 PPG, his highest total since his 2015-16 season. Along with that he has added 6.8 RPG. He’s even shooting the three ball more than ever, averaging 5.6 attempts per game.

After Horford’s time in Philadelphia, many thought the veteran big man’s career was going on a downhill. Horford told Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated that it was an issue of chemistry for the Sixers.

“We just weren’t gelling. We weren’t meshing. And obviously, we had a lot of big guys out there in particular out playing and it just wasn’t fitting.”

Horford was a steal of an acquisition for the Thunder this offseason. His role on this young Oklahoma team has been everything they’ve needed so far. He has set the example for those younger guys while also teaching them some of the many things he’s learned throughout his outstanding career.