2019’s Fantasy Football MVP: Who deserves the honor?

The title of Most Valuable Player is pretty self-explanatory, but context still matters, especially in fantasy. MVP means something different to everybody. A player worthy of MVP could be a statistical phenom for me, but it could also be that player who delivered a fantasy championship to you.

The title of MVP is as much subjective as it is a culmination of a player’s successes.

So, with that said, our Yahoo Fantasy analysts deliver their picks for 2019’s fantasy MVP.

Andy wastes no time in getting the obvious out of the way: Lamar Jackson should be fantasy’s MVP. Not only is he set to be the MVP in real life, but all one has to do is look at what he’s done this season, and then compare it to his August ADP of 98.4. He’s clearly a quarterback, but Jackson’s rushing yards alone would make him RB14 on the season!!!

Tank goes a different route, selecting Chris Godwin as his MVP. Godwin had a lot of offseason hype, but no one expected him to end up as the second-best wide receiver in fantasy. Not only did Godwin outproduce his expectations, but he did it alongside target-and-red-zone monster, Mike Evans (who had a raucous season himself) for much the year!

Brad’s pick for MVP is fantasy’s top wideout, Michael Thomas. Thomas has lived up to his moniker of #CantGuardMike, as he’s had a ridiculous season and is shattering Marvin Harrison’s single-season catch record. He’s caught 85.8 percent of the targets that have gone his way! Nobody in WR Land has a higher floor than Thomas.

As mentioned above, context matters, and so Liz took her fantasy MVP pick to reflect a player who’s delivered MVP-level production late in the season. For her, that’s Zach Ertz. Some were worried that he’d have trouble returning on his draft investment. Instead, all Ertz has done is collect the third-most fantasy points among tight ends this season.

Finally, Matt goes with the name on many MVP ballots, in both reality and fantasy: Christian McCaffrey. It was initially thought that you couldn’t go wrong with the number 1 pick in fantasy back in August. Whether you went with CMC, Alvin Kamara, or Saquon Barkley, you were probably in good shape. Well, it turned out that there was only one safe pick among those three, and man, what a pick it was. Basically, if you took CMC No. 1 overall, then you pretty much had to mess up the rest of your draft to not end up winning your league (or at least, come in second place).

Who was your fantasy MVP in 2019? Let us know in the comments below and hit us up @YahooFantasy!